Sunday, November 29, 2009

Google Wave | New Feature From Google

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Google Wave is a new service today to preview message Google I / O."Vala is equal parts interview and document where people can communicate and collaborate with rich formatted text, photos, videos, maps and much more. "

It appears that combining Gmail and Google Docs in an interesting free-form workspace, which can be used for writing papers group, plan events, play games or discuss the latest news.


Google Wave was designed by the founders How 2 Tech, start-up Google acquired the creation of excellent mapping services, which later became Google Maps.

\ "Back in early 2004, Google's interest in small start mapping called Where 2 Tech, founded by my brother Jens and me. We were happy to join Google and help create what became Google Maps. But But we also start thinking about what might come next for us to chart. As always, Jens came the reply: communication. He pointed out that two of the most spectacular successes in the digital communication, e-mail and instant messaging, they were originally planned in the'60s to imitate analog formats - e-mail mimic ordinary mail, IM and phone calls mimic. Since then, many different forms of communication were invented - weblogs, wikis, collaboration documents, etc. - and the computers and networks substantially improved. So Jens propose a new communication model assumes that all of these advances as a starting point, I was sold immediately," Pojasnjuje, Lars Rasmussen

\ "The Wave Google and create a wave of people add to them. All of your wave, you can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even clips from other sources on the web. You can insert or edit a direct response wave. It's co-rich text editing, where you'll see on the screen almost instantly, what your fellow employees are entering wave. This means that Google Wave is also well suited to fast communications for persistent content - enables both cooperation and communication. You can also use"playback'that rewind wave to see how it developed. "

You can some screenshots service and find some details about API that could be used to extend and services Wave protocol anyone who allows free access to"val"server. Google promises to Google Wave available later this year.

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